Monday, March 23, 2015

oreal for som loreal

One week ago, this happened! (also, my photoshop needs lots of practise >..<)

 L'Oreal Professionnel invited their international ambassador, Betram K for a hair show here, presenting some new trend colours, and cuts :) I was so lucky to be part of the colour presentation segment! And this happened:
To show the new colours better, i'd some bleach work done, and dang was it new. :O haha i loved it already. anyway, more exciting stuff later.

 So after 5-hours, we finally got the colour done :) it's definitely the most happily ridiculous thing i've done in the name of beauty. i'd my hair split into 20 even segments, so from the top, my hair looked like a colour-wheel. The L'Oreal team used 3 shades from their IT-trend look for Spring/Summer 2015. This was Blush Beige from their 'Timeless Charm' look, newly launched in March. I was really thrilled to be one of the first few in Singapore to have this shade! :D ANDDDD in this cool marble-like effect, which Bertram said was hot in France. talk about fancy?! this is the lightest my hair's been in a really long time, and i love it~

No hair wash the day after hair-prep, before the show~ i'm not complaining ;)

Everyone’s hair tells a story. It is my job to craft and shape this story into something wonderful, something triumphant.
-Betram K.

Guess which one's me!
hint: my hair's BIG

Shoes and Wardrobe from Raoul
 Really cool clothes and shoes from Raoul! Who'd think suede and fur would look this good on a bootie-stiletto?! and in my favourite shade cotton candy pink~ #absolut #luv.

luv, shu.
 Make-up from everybody's favourite Shu Uemura. You can always trust the Shu MUAs to brighten any sleepy face despite the ungodly 6am call-time.
Big smiles post-show~
let the burgers roll in. (teehee. twas the day we all had two breakfast mcmuffins in one morning ;)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shuuuu (luv u)

With Chanel's International Makeup-Artist Cecilia! <3 She's the sweetest!
It's past midnight and it's really silly to still be awake now with a 10am call-time tomorrow, but I just washed my face, and I'm so excited to tell you more about it!

I seldom ever wear make-up this thick cos i just don't like the idea of washing off. But today, I decided to try out the new Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil.

The main reason why my make-up regime is kept to just eyebrows, blusher, some mascara and lip gloss, is because I really hate removing my make up :( i mean all the effort of putting it on.... then removing it at the end of the day :/ it's so much effort, especially when you'll need the cotton wool, and the separate bottles of make up removers (i've been a fan of Lancôme's gentle remover until just before my bath today!).

So... SHU!
Reviews online called this the "Game-changer" - and very appropriately so!
I immediately loved how my thick make-up from work today washed off just like that with the cleanser.

Brownie points for smelling amazing AND not stinging my eyes. only thing, because it's a cleansing oil, it clouded up my vision for a while.. which did get me a little worried :<  (haalp, i'm seeing through clouds)

BUT the Blanc:Chroma does exactly as its name says. And the result was an effortlessly make-up free face. also felt moisturized and deep-cleansed - like no oily feel! CLEANNNN heehee. And no need for extra facial wash after this magic sshamagazam. #luv.

More on today! Welcome to 55 floors into the sky with Coco Chanel!

it's real candy (btw.)

What a view!

brows <3

x. More next time about the recent hair show I did with the L'Oreal Professionnel team!
fun note: my new hair colour was only launched earlier this month and i absolutely LOVE it <3 check it out --> #BlushBeige #TimelessCharm #SS2015 #LOREALPROFSG

Monday, March 9, 2015

Marching into March

Big sunny hello from Chloe and I! <3 This was last Saturday when I brought lil Chloe for her haircut. That's near Sentosa, so yknow, everyone gets into beach-mode, and I was so glad I had my new Ray-Ban Rounds! They're from the newest collection called #NeverSquare, and they're a modern take on the vintage look from the 70's! I've been on the lookout for adorable round sunnies like these for the L-O-N-G-E-S-T time. Imagine my glee when I finally got these! <3

February was a month of many exciting things I never expected! Surprise surprise :D

Never in a million years would I have imagined seeing a huger-than-life version of myself >.<
Kim and Kim at ION Orchard Underpass!
..or on SBS buses :O
I honestly haven't seen this myself yet. They're all pictures my friends have captured all over Singapore! This bus, i think, was either in Queenstown, or the east (that's... too.. far.. away...).

Closer to home, though... are the local newspaperssss!
...and even closer, has definitely got to be the school bus >..<
So today I decided to try something different during my long break in school. I usually get my subway and watch some TV (complete with my cookies^^) before my last tutorial of the day.

I really wanted a hairwash though.. so i checked out the school hair salon and was so pleasantly surprised! it's going to be my new hangout in school.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Greetings from February 2015! School and work are really settling out quite nicely, and it's pleasantly busy!
Big smiles!
Also check out my new blog header! :D Photos from only the bestest during our shoot for the school <3
This here's going to be the linkway connecting the School of Biological Sciences to the new Experimental Meds Building!

Looking forward to taking mid-day breaks here at the rooftop garden! ^^
NTU's having some new facilities built, so it'll be quite exciting in the years to come :) More pics and stories here :)

all too soon it's 11.11. magic time to get some work done :<

talk to you in March ;) xKim.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Time to time, my hair does get dry from all the harsh elements (read: wash&wear/flat irons/curling thongs/back-combs/teases/hairspray&morehairspray/etc.). I usually get a steam, and it straightens all my problems out (not the curls though. yea, they're here to stay. they just get softened^^).
 This time I reached the salon just before closing hour, and we only had enough time for either a colour, or a steam. I really wanted a fresh colour, so we went ahead with that :) and now, after wearing the colour out a little, I think my curls have decided to behave! So... Cheers to good hair days!

And it looks much shorter here too:
Looks like a long-bob (LOB). lol.

So today we had a PPC-meet, and also to celebrate Fai's 21st! Happy 21st mamabear <3

Naturally, we had lots to catch up on. The pictures don't tell everything, but they sure summarise most of how our time in school was spent ;) 

M.A.D.O.N.N.A. | more like.. Fudge's Cones
pikachu's all let's go for a spin | tingting-carrr

Finally, what's a PPC meet-up without the renewal of annual vows, B&J bets, and Mean Girls re-enactments ;)
jingle-bell rock. x.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

xHello 2015

Who needs lion dancers to welcome in the new year when you've lil Chloe ;)
2015's in; 2014's out.

Mum's predicting 2015 to be the year of Chuck Taylorsss. evidently it influenced her online buys (but pleasantly so, i love my new kicks)!

Matchy Matchy with homeboy, my best bro @Nicho
 I don't usually wear visible socks with my shoes. But these pink ones were a pair from the new Ralph Lauren collection mum picked up, and who can resist Egyptian cotton hugging their ankles right ;)
New Year Resolution: Wear a pair of these socks everytime I'm in sneakers.. which is probably going to be most of the days I'm in school this semester :D (at least now there's something to keep me on my toes!)

latest obsession: Head Porter Plus watch.
This Christmas break, I've watched Mum hang out a little much (again, pleasantly so. i love you and all your buys mum! keep scouting! heehee) on NETAPORTER and MR PORTER online, so it stunned me a bit when i found this watch with a similar branding.

A little googling helped me find out more about this curious brand.

Turns out, Head Porter currently has three stores - the Harajuku Flagship Store (Tokyo), - atelier - Head Porter (Tokyo), Head Porter Loft (Kyoto), and the HEAD PORTER OSAKA (Osaka).
All, only in the land of the rising sun.

No wonder, tsk.

11 more days of voting, have you voted yet? ;) 

I'm in the Top 10 for Miss U, and voting ends on 15th January 2015! Everyone can vote 5 times daily here, and stand a chance to win prizes! :) 

spread the #kimmylove ok? 

Royal Carribean | U-weekly

Friday, December 26, 2014


 Very soon 2014 will be 'so last year'~ so before 2015 arrives, here's a blogpost :D

Royal Carribean | Glitzy day
Happy hour cocktails and all things sweet!
 Turns out, "HOT PEOPLE PLACE" was a wintery tree-lined street, 가로수 길 in Seoul.
Always a good time for a break!
Nicho and his cuppa penguinnoccino :x

Many cute café-lined streets (complete with Christmasy lattés and pancakes!)

Mimi had her hair done at the hair salon and looked just like the 90210 babes!
It turns dark quick in the winter, so .. perfect for our favourite Jeju Black Pork Korean Barbecue!
Heated indoors and warm beverages never felt better than in sub-zero climates ^^
Cosying up with my sisters for a selfie (actually, just for the warmth)

'they said it's 5 minutes away!' On the way to Insadong
After our huge sushi lunch at 노량진수산시장 Noryangjin Fisheries!
Somehow it always snows whenever we visit Conrad Seoul and IFC Mall. Without fail!
A day late, but it's always Christmasy here anyway; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) Here's to an exciting year ahead :D

x. Talk to you in 2015.