Saturday, October 15, 2016

KENJOxKIM - Mucota and Olaplex Treatment

Something that always impresses me is when hairstylists or make-up artists take extra care of your skin or hair condition before applying any aesthetic additions like fancy colours or cosmetic stuff. It brings me great comfort knowing that this very care and concern is one of the hallmarks of Kenjo Salon – their genuine concern for strengthening my hair led to another session at the salon earlier this week. Read on to find out about the 2 treatments we did.

I know I’m on my way to achieving really healthy locks with all the love my hair’s getting - We’re talking about the newly-improved Mucota Treatment, and the Olaplex treatment. Following the Volume Rebond and C-curl I did a week ago, Kenjo Director Joseph and Senior Stylist Justin decided it’s perfect time to nourish and moisturize!

Both the Olaplex and Mucota treatments aim to repair the hair by multiplying bonds. But what really thrilled me was the new and improved Mucota Treatment. What was previously a 3-step process, is now 5-steps, with the new additions being the first 2 steps aiming to prepare and restore the hair before moisturizing, conditioning, and repairing the bonds through intensive repair. My stylist Justin really worked the product into my hair with a soothing head massage that could easily #takeyouback to that very memorable massage you enjoyed on your favourite beach-getaway.

Long ago, I used to go for monthly hair steams. Results would be great – but after a week, and a couple of washes, the hair just wouldn’t seem any healthier than before. It got me thinking – was there a better way to actually repair the length of my hair, exposed to harsh chemicals and heating tools on a daily basis? This was it. The Mucota Treatment utilizes a special hair-tong lined with mini rods – this locks in all the goodness from the product, and really is the new-age hair steam, sans the long waiting time. I also like how the rods increase contact zones with individual hair strands, rather than just clumping the entire head of hair into a steamer-bag (as how traditional hair steams work).

Of course – healthy hair isn’t just what we do in the salon. There’s got to be proper after-care too. Big thank yous to Joseph, Justin and Mucota Singapore for preparing the cute care-pack for me, I can’t wait to feel its magic. Check it out – here’s the Mucota Aire+ Shampoo, the Mucota Aire+ Weekly Repair Hair mask, and a Nourishing Repair Spray from YUKO Japan. The protective YUKO after-shower mist-spray doubles as a heat-protector; so I’ll be bringing this around with me for jobs now onwards – a little something to share in Hair and Make-up too!

Cheers to revitalized, nourished hair! I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget that you get to enjoy amazing hair too – just tell the good folks at Kenjo Salon that you’re my buddy, and enjoy 15% off hair services. Look for my stylist, Justin, and share your hair-experience with me, or tag me in your photos – I’m waiting to hear your happy-hair stories!

Post-Treatment Shine! Airy-Bouncy-Curls (just the way I like my ABCs)!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Station Fun x Eleven Sports Network

Wardrobe | JOOP Boutique
Hair | Kenjo Salon
Full #OOTD from the station today!

Wearing Joop Boutique's latest collection. The powder pink off-shoulder top hits stores island-wide on Monday, 17 October 2016! JOOP set me up with a promo code "LUVKIM" so don't forget to key that in to enjoy some special deals~

Running through the lines with my producer who's got to be the sweetest person on earth!

Working with the team at Eleven Sports kind of gives me a sense of balance, between modelling assignments, and school work. It helps so much that it reminds me of my all-time favourite TV-Practicum with Dr. Campbell in school~ those were the days! I recall so fondly teasing our campus TV station's resident interviewer (who also happens to be my school bestie) while she sat across from me, only to have Dr. Campbell tell her off over the cans - "Let's try to be a little more professional around here" - when in actual fact, we really were trying, just that I was messing with her half the time! We'd colour-coordinate our outfits so that with each episode, there'd be a little consistency.

Memories ~ it's heartwarming looking back at fun times, and seeing how far everyone's come -- also to think bout how much more we have to work to reach our dreams. But yeah, it's always nice to look back and reminisce :)

In the meantime, tune in to Eleven Sports! I contribute weekly to 'The Club' segment - so tune in to find out my weekly picks for who you should have on your team for Fantasy 4! :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

JOOP Boutique x Kim

Final Year in school really spells struggle – it’s peak period now, with presentations and submissions all due in a slew (rhymes!). But, at times like these, it’s important to remember that everything is transitory – and this too shall pass (hopefully my GPA too, in it’s literal sense). In all honesty though, I enjoy the hustle – especially when it means meeting great individuals along the way.  

Sometimes you just really need to free your mind, and get yourself out in the sun. Or climb a tree, like I did (read: tried).  

Catching Sunlight in a carefully embroidered J.Crew neon number | Net-a-porter 

We began our morning with an insightful talk with Matt Collette from Zeno Group Singapore, and then it was off to the News Centre. This little gem of a facility in Toa Payoh holds very fond memories for me. Every time I’m there, I never fail to remember how “busy is always good”, and it kind of motivates me to keep doing what I love most.

Bomber Jacket and Knit Vest | Zara
Denim Skirt | Topshop_SG
Hair | Kenjo Salon

So this meeting was a special one - the New Paper New Face 2016 prize money was ready - Yay! :D Time to show some appreciation to the amazing people who've always been there, supporting me all the way <3 

Next stop – Chinatown. Now, this meeting was more of a reunion of sorts, and I’m glad for situations like these. More details to come~

Finally, my last stop of the day: JOOP Boutique at Vivocity.

Wearing JOOP Boutique's Top-Selling Lavender Crochet Dress
Big thank you and shout-out to Angie from JOOP Boutique! 

Angie kindly arranged for me to come by to check out their latest collection in stores! We also had a personal-shopping experience where Angie, who designs these chic outfits, helped to pick some outfits for me to wear on the sports segment I host on Eleven Sports on Fridays! 

Here’s a peak into our fitting:

Lace Dress | Available in Mint and Lavender, at all retail and online stores.

 JOOP Boutique has a sweet treat for you too! Shop their collection here and use the Promo code “LUVKIM” upon check out for $10 off $60 checked in. Valid till Wednesday, 30 November 2016! Don’t wait too long to start on your Christmas-shopping!

Shop your favourite pieces at the JOOP Retail Outlets here:VivoCity #02-233
Tel: 6377 3009

Jurong Point #03-64
Tel: 6790 7380

Marina Square #02-312
Tel: 68370481

White Sands #01-10

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Teavana x Starbucks

Endless love to my dream team at Kenjo Salon for helping my hair last through our everlasting-summer heat!

It's been a long week, and Mimi decided it was time we had some girlie-time out. 

No prizes for guessing where we spent our Sunday afternoon:

These had such strong Easter-eggshell vibes, and I honestly wanted them all - but herein lies one of the world's greatest decisions: Pick ONE colour.

I settled for a baby pink with tiny sprinkles. I'm hoping just staring at my cupcake nails would make the busy week-to-come a little sweeter.


Starbucks' latest Teavana collection has been highly-raved about... and surely for good reason!
After tasting the new flavours, here's my conclusion - my favourite remains the Matcha-Expresso Infusion.

The Hibiscus Tea is quite fine, and the pearls were a nice touch. I just wish they were chewier! But: Confessions of a Matcha-addict -- if it's one of my options, I'll definitely have it over anything else. #matchawins

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hair Makeover at Kenjo Salon!

Change is something I’ve learned to embrace. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s different - I’ve grown to love change. 

Physical change was frequent and common – every time a make-up artist worked her magic on my face, I’d always gawk in wonder at how simple products could do so much to enhance our looks. When I did hair shows with L’Oreal Professionnel or Toni and Guy, I’d always get so excited about the entire process, to experience the change and watch the makeover unfold.

Earlier this week, I dropped by Kenjo Salon, the official concept store for Japanese technology MUCOTA. My stylist, Justin, and I talked about my hair concerns – I’ve natural curls, which tend to get dry in our warm climate – the problem is only made worse with the amount of things done to it with hair shows or photoshoots where I can’t assure top-notch care for my tresses. Justin nods as he listened to my concerns, and suggests a Volume Rebond, with Curls at the tips. I liked it already – sounded very Korean to me. “We’ll go shorter too. Let’s snip off the past.” And with that, we did! We chopped off the dried ends, fried from countless rounds of bleach. What remained was a chic-french bob, barely grazing my collar bones. 

The new Kim that sat before me in the mirror stared back strangely, but yet there was a deep sense of comfort which resonated through it all – “You’re really brave yknow,” I told my stylist Justin, who simply smiled in response. He remained focused on navigating his way through the sections of my hair with great control and confidence. What was previously a common shoulder-length hairstyle was now a fresh bob cut that I’d immediately grown to love.

Justin pulled out some fresh-scented hairspray of sorts, taking care to nourish my mane to the best of his abilities – “This is step one of the MUCOTA Treatment – we’re moisturizing your hair before we do anything else!” Hair protection is definitely a key priority at Kenjo Salon – and Salon Director Joseph assured me that they wouldn’t do anything if my hair wasn’t up for it. Healthy Hair was their concern, and MUCOTA was just the perfect technology to help customers with fried hair like myself achieve our hair-dreams~


My makeover revolved around the popular Volume Rebond with Curls. Beginning the treatment, Justin carefully added little rollers under sections coated with the MUCOTA Serum, giving it a lift off – now we can see where the Volume Rebond is going~ 

We talk about how this is a popular choice amongst ladies who patronize Kenjo Salon. With the rise of the Korean Wave, girls and boys of all ages are jumping on to the Hallyu Bandwagon, and it all begins with Korean Hair. This brought me back to Singapore Fashion Week 2015 when Celebrity Korean Hairstylist Cha Hong from Cha Hong Ardour showed how hair could do much to change up boring old looks. Her team worked tirelessly on my hair and what Justin was doing today reminded me so much of those times. Singaporeans who know Cha Hong tend to plan trips just to get their hair fixed there – but now with Kenjo Salon offering such services, with promised nourishing treatment along the way, I definitely would not bother going the extra mile (literally) to Korea, just to fix my hair. It’s all available at Kenjo Salon, right in the heart of town.

By this point, my hair has been conditioned and nourished – and it’s time to add the c-curls in! This was entirely new to me because I’ve natural curls, and never saw the need or possibility of curling my hair. But yknow how it is – my natural curls wouldn’t be as defined or perfect as how I’d like it – so having them permed was equivalent to training them to sit prettily. I was really keen to see how they’d fair! Justin checks on the curls ever so often – they’re hooked up to heating wires in the meantime.

After everything, Justin applied the nourishing neutralizer into the length of the hair, and set some treatment oils in once more before the final blow-out. I remain tremendously impressed by Kenjo Salon’s hospitality and service – I walked in with a confusing hair history, speckled with the damage from countless bleach-jobs from past hairshows. I never thought my hair texture could support my dreams of spotting the classic timeless chic bob – but MUCOTA and Kenjo Salon made it all possible. 

More about my stylist Justin
Having once dabbled in the world of accounts and numbers, Justin is living his dream as a hairdresser now. But if you’re thinking he’s done with calculations – he isn’t. Throughout my evening at Kenjo Salon, Justin watched carefully as the MUCOTA Treatment nourished my hair, calculating perfect timings for when the curls would set in just right, and ensuring I was comfortable every step of the way. With so many years of experience under his belt, I got curious as to what Justin’s favourite part of hairdressing was. “Short cuts – especially if it’s a big change from long hair to a short cut like yours!” You can tell when your stylist is sure and confident of what he’s doing when he handles the mess (that is your hair) to become this today.

Image Source | 
More about Kenjo Salon
Situated on the 4th floor of the new-wing of Plaza Singapura, Kenjo Salon immediately stands out with its brightly-lit space, sleek and modern ambience. The team at Kenjo consists local as well as Korean stylists.

“At Kenjo salon, our team of expert professionals and dedicated staff will strive to provide the highest level of professionalism to each and every client.”

Trust and long-lasting friendship is at the heart of Kenjo’s outlook.

Get in touch with them for your next hair appointment – tell them I sent you and enjoy 15% off services. 

Share your own MUCOTA x KENJO SALON experience with me, I’m waiting to hear it!

Contact Info
68 Orchard Road
Phone: 6238 8083
Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
Singapore 238839


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Final Year Blues - or is it?

Wardrobe | Romper from Net-a-Porter. Knit Kimono from Zara.

Something to share is a recent feature we did with the talented team from our campus newspaper! Read more about it here.

Words | Megan Koh, The Nanyang Chronicle
Photos | Jun Cen

It's been 4 years since I’ve matriculated into Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU and in all honesty I’ve lost count of all the amazing individuals I’ve met and have had the privilege of working with here. It’s very promising to know that these folks I’m working with today, are the trailblazers of our future. There is a strong culture in our school to help one another improve – and I think this positive reinforcement is highly essential in our education process. It’s always a thrill to hear their opinions on issues, and seeing their work never fails to take my breath away.

In this issue of The Nanyang Chronicle, we hear the stories of 4 girls on campus (myself included!) who’ve dabbled in the world of Beauty Pageants! For me, the story outlines my recent win in this year’s New Paper New Face competition, something I’ve been meaning to do for the past 3 years! But I guess there’s always a time and place for things to happen – each year, auditions would be held around June, and that’s when I’d be away on birthday vacation. 3 years later, I find myself without any travel plans because I’m on internship and entering my final year in university – perfect chance to finally do what I’ve been hoping to do! J Lots of people asked why The New Paper New Face Competition, having joined Miss World Singapore 2014. The answer is simple – they’re all different. TNPNF is one of Singapore’s biggest modelling competitions, and it’s a great learning opportunity for young girls intending to enter the industry. Pageants are an entirely separate universe. When I was preparing for Miss World, I remember adopting a totally different training regime. To me, it’s all about the experience, the learning opportunities, the wonderful people you meet along the way, and the stories you share together.

Of course, there are trying times – when I attempt to juggle a heavy pageant-schedule, modelling assignments and everyday-struggles of student life. But what keeps me afloat is coming back to supportive buddies and my family who’ll always be there no matter what. It’s just heartwarming and the very reason why I push myself to try harder when the going gets tough :) 

As of now – we’re less than a year away from finishing what we began 4 years ago. We’re so close to the end, and I cannot wait to see my peers in our graduation gowns, as how we first met 4 years ago at our matriculation ceremony. So after these years switching between school sneakers, and high heels, guess what my team’s final year project is focusing on? ;) Hint: We’re an all-girl team, who love a little fun. We’ve decided to go with raising awareness of heel-health. Yknow how office ladies tend to use heels a lot – and sometimes don’t realize the damage they’re causing to their soles (souls)? That is exactly what we’re attempting to touch on. While we know ladies love our heels – we won’t stop using them, I know I won’t despite feet aches from long hours of use… But our campaign, “Save Our Soles” hopes ladies would take better care of their feet - through better after-care and more. If you’ve any ideas or thoughts on this, please feel free to get in touch with me – we’d really appreciate any help we could get at this moment :) 

Coming up this month - a new partnership with my hair sponsor Kenjo Salon, the official MUCOTA Japan concept store. New beginnings are always exciting - and I just can't wait to tell you more about it.  

(P.S. My hair's looking totally different from this image now!)